Friday, July 20, 2012

A little update

Granted I'm pretty sure no one really reads this...
I'm down to one fish, Spook, he has out lived everyone, Laddy-o, he died last month; Daddy-o, died a while ago; Scion, committed suicide (see previous posts); and Dante, he died around my birthday, I was kind of sad about that, but he lived a good life.  Had a 'Baker Street Gang' for a little while.  Sherlock, John, Mycroft, Lestrade/Moriarty.  Turns out Lestrade was less Lestrade and more Moriarty, he ate the other fish...
I had a pigeon for about a week.  My Boyfriend and I rescued the bird, we still aren't sure what sex it was.  It was a pretty looking bird though.  It had feathers on the bottom of its legs, but not tiny feathers they were as long as my fingers.  Apparently he was a fancy pigeon (real term) at least according to wiki, and everyone knows that everything on wiki it true XP
Any way, as we were deciding whether or not to keep the pigeon it started flying around my room then into my window, we decided that we might want to let the bird go.  This resulted in my boyfriend and I chasing the bird around the grounds trying to 'convince' the bird to either let us catch it again or at least sit in a bloody tree.  Last we saw of it it was sitting on a wall until it was chased away by two smaller birds, I don'[t have much faith of that bird living a long life...
And currently I have a Jack Russel Terrier at my feet.  His name is Charlie.  I'm house sitting him for my conductor while he's on vacation.  Sweet dog, total brat at times.  I didn't even know the dog was trained until my mother dropped by to visit.  Walking him is much easier now.  And, he is a world class beggar.  I have had quiet a few conversations with him while walking him.  He is also very fond of the pillow from his kennel, very fond of it.
And that would be everything from the animal angle of my life.
Work is work and hasn't really changed.
In fact much of my life really hasn't changed
You may have noticed, however, the use of the term boyfriend.
Yes, I have a new boyfriend.  We've been together for almost two months now.  It's really great.  I always smile when I'm with him, even if I had been in a bad mood before he showed up.  He just makes me happy, even if I just talk with him on the phone.  And his name?  Spiderman
Not really, but he does really like Spiderman, and I wouldn't actually release is name online, just a photo
Yes that is him in the jacket, on the Batmobile
Well, I've got eggs a hard boilin'
I'll probably write more tomorrow
I'm making my mom's milk potato soup tomorrow
Bye bye!