Sunday, April 12, 2015


I will admit that I am not a professional baker by any stretch of the imagination. I am, however, fairly adequate at it so when instructions say wait until the toothpick you insert in the middle of the cake comes out clean I don't think they realized that when baking BLUE FREAKING CAKE the tooth pick does not come out clean.

I suppose I should explain things a little bit.  I had a pack of funfetti cupcake mix that I had bought several moons ago for my darling Magik for a late birthday gift.  I woke up this morning in the mood to bake and went about the process in my usual manner.  I alter the recipe to make it healthier by substituting milk for water and apple sauce for oil.  A very common practice.  I set my oven placed the cakes in when it reached temperature and waited... and waited... and waited.

I finally removed the cakes after deciding the toothpicks were doomed to come out colored on matter what and sampled some of the cake.  It was... rubbery to say the least.  The apple sauce taste didn't bake out like it usually does.

This is disappointing since Magik holds the opinion that I can't cook.  I can cook.  I am just lazy and meticulous, apparently much like my father.  I prep every single detail before I even start cooking, wash dishes continuously throughout the cooking process which leaves me tired.  Magik cooks more like my mother which is to say, grab everything as you go along and discover that some integral ingredient is missing then mad dash to fix/find/buy said ingredient before everything else is ruined thus leaving the kitchen in shambles.

But cest la vie, I will try and make the cake presentable and edible either way.