Sunday, April 12, 2015


I will admit that I am not a professional baker by any stretch of the imagination. I am, however, fairly adequate at it so when instructions say wait until the toothpick you insert in the middle of the cake comes out clean I don't think they realized that when baking BLUE FREAKING CAKE the tooth pick does not come out clean.

I suppose I should explain things a little bit.  I had a pack of funfetti cupcake mix that I had bought several moons ago for my darling Magik for a late birthday gift.  I woke up this morning in the mood to bake and went about the process in my usual manner.  I alter the recipe to make it healthier by substituting milk for water and apple sauce for oil.  A very common practice.  I set my oven placed the cakes in when it reached temperature and waited... and waited... and waited.

I finally removed the cakes after deciding the toothpicks were doomed to come out colored on matter what and sampled some of the cake.  It was... rubbery to say the least.  The apple sauce taste didn't bake out like it usually does.

This is disappointing since Magik holds the opinion that I can't cook.  I can cook.  I am just lazy and meticulous, apparently much like my father.  I prep every single detail before I even start cooking, wash dishes continuously throughout the cooking process which leaves me tired.  Magik cooks more like my mother which is to say, grab everything as you go along and discover that some integral ingredient is missing then mad dash to fix/find/buy said ingredient before everything else is ruined thus leaving the kitchen in shambles.

But cest la vie, I will try and make the cake presentable and edible either way.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Life's been interesting.  I am now the proud owner of three jobs.  That's right folks, three.

Job #1 is overnight clerk at my local Walgreens.  It's really quite nice except that now on my days off I will apparently be up until 5 am or later, not actually a big issue except that I have no will power to accomplish things that I should take care of while I'm awake.

Jobs # 2 and 3 actually occupy the same slot because I'll probably only work them once a week and those jobs are Gamestop and the movie theater.  The theater has been my longest job as anyone who has read my blog can tell.  It was actually my first job and we have a love hate kind of relationship.  Gamestop I started recently but not quite as recently and Walgreens.

My other two jobs are going to be my videogames and miscellaneous wants jobs and Walgreens is my I-kinda-need-this-to-start-living-on-my-own job.

To most people it would like having three jobs would be harder than two.  But, honestly right now anyway, it makes my life easier.  I work four days for my main job and my secondary jobs are going to be once a week for four hours.  It gives me time to get back into crafting and spend time with people that I've been meaning to spend time with. 

This opinion is subject to change, of course.  My life, and anyone's in general, is not concrete.  Things will be good and then they will be bad and I'll make adjustments as they come along, I kind of have to.  I'm not all that much of a masochist.  Glutton for punishment perhaps but masochist no.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Who Am I?

Probably something I should have written when I first started this page.  But, then again, I am a someone completely different from the someone who started this page and never kept up with it.

I think my favorite answer would be 'No one of consequence.'

But that certainly isn't the truth.  Most definitely in the case, and opinion, of one of my ex-friends and her boyfriend.

So who am I?  I am me.  Flawed, insecure, pained, afraid, scared, and probably a lot more negative nouns that I can't think of right now.  But, I'm also honest (most of the time), loyal to a fault, as kind as I can be, simple (not minded, although I have my days, easy no that's not right either I am someone who people seem to be at ease with I suppose is sort of where I'm going with this), many people will probably have many other positive things to add. And lastly, as you may have already noticed easily ditracted.  I tend to have Squirrel moments which is why I am fond of parentheses and the strike through feature.

I'm over weight, over worked, under paid.  I have lived a life full of positive and negative.  I have screwed up and will probably continue to screw up, I hope that I have also done good things.

And I don't really know what this page will be about.  I know that I may post things that don't have any other safe outlet.  And I know that some of the people that I may write about are not all around bad people but that most of the things I'll post about them will be about their transgressions against me. 

I also know that I want to use this page to teach myself to appreciate positive things more, even if they are small. 

Because life is too short to live with that knot at the bottom of your stomach that crawls into your throat and lodges itself while tears threaten to break what little self restraint you have and usually at the time that you can't afford to have it happen.

I know because I have spent years with that feeling, and spent the same amount of time thinking that that feeling is my fault because I wasn't enough of someone else to fit in.  I still have that problem.  But it gets easier to loosen the knots when you can do, see, taste, and make good memories and things for yourself and others who will appreciate it.  That is a very important point, note that it is in caps.  If people don't appreciate what you do and who you are don't try harder thinking its your fault they will just continue to sap the time soul and, most likely, money out of you in your desperate attempt to make yourself feel better by being liked, another little nugget I've picked personally and through years of my mother trying to bash it over my head.

I kind of figure that very few people will actually read this but to those who do I hope you can find something; useful, entertaining, or, if you're a grammar nazi, something to make your head explode.

See you later my duckies.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


There are a great many things in which the elimination of finally can be used for in my case.
Finally! I've gotten a (stoopid) smart phone
Finally! I can walk like a human again (that one will be for another post I think)
Finally! I'm mostly over the drama (at least I tell myself that)
But I think for tonight I'll go with 'Finally! I'm posting again!'

Trying to link up my phone to my account proved an interesting challenge

As with just about anything when it comes to me I suppose.

I should be going to bed, or doing my stretches,our brushing my teeth but now I find my self drawn to just writing what comes to mind and watching my phone mangle whatever it is I'm trying to type.

I think one of my posts I might just give my phone free reign and see what strange jibberish it decides to put out.

I think that's enough for now
Good night my duckies

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Science and Russels

Just read about this while finding subjects for my next short research project.

While I'm posting I may as well talk about what I've been up to since my last post.

Currently I am house-sitting with Charlie again.  It's been interesting.
Charlie is a Jack Russel Terrier, real sweetie, kind of a butt.  He is a food junkie.  If you eat in front of him he give you something similar to the smolder then starts barking if you keep paying attention to him.

My best friends since childhood also dropped by for one night with Charlie and I.

They usually end up like this.  And both of them kept trying to get Charlie to kill one of them.  Charlie just wanted to play.  That in itself can be an experience, the dog jumps like a dolphin
I think that's it for now, I'll try being a bit more regular when I'm home...

Thursday, October 3, 2013

I don't wanna go to work now...

Ugh my head hurts now.  Between accidentally bashing my head on my bed side table... repeatedly (yes I can manage that, it's called dramatically throwing yourself backwards in frustration) and the discovery of my references being unusable for my research paper I am not in the mood to smile at the stoopid nice people and give them their tickets.

I suppose clarification would be helpful.  I'm currently enrolled in a research writing class at my college.  For one of my papers I thought I'd write about the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (NWHI).  An archipelago to the north of, you guessed it, the Hawaiian islands.  The NWHI happen to be a federal reserve and with the most resent shut down of the federal government it did not occur to me that this shut down would include website, and yet, I discovered, to my horror, it did.  So there go half of my references for my paper.  And my secondary topic is unusable as well since I had planned on writing about Haleakala.  So now I have to whip up a paper on Obon.  Unless my professor allows me to use .pdf brochures as references.

I think there will be drinking in my future after work...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Steampunk-ish kick

Another steampunk related thing that can very easily be translated into real life

The 6 Rules Of Steampunk

I feel that we let people and trends dictate what we 'think' far too often.
We think there are rules to follow in fashion but have you seen the things coming out of Paris?
They are neither practical nor all that comfortable looking.  And really shouldn't that be our main concern when it comes to what we wear?

The author of this article was G.D. Falksen, a prominent steampunk author.
(I need to purchase his Ouroboros Cycle when I get paid)

And another thing:
Do the boys in the second picture look like One Direction?
Is the women in the fourth picture Helena Bonham Carter?