Thursday, October 3, 2013

I don't wanna go to work now...

Ugh my head hurts now.  Between accidentally bashing my head on my bed side table... repeatedly (yes I can manage that, it's called dramatically throwing yourself backwards in frustration) and the discovery of my references being unusable for my research paper I am not in the mood to smile at the stoopid nice people and give them their tickets.

I suppose clarification would be helpful.  I'm currently enrolled in a research writing class at my college.  For one of my papers I thought I'd write about the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (NWHI).  An archipelago to the north of, you guessed it, the Hawaiian islands.  The NWHI happen to be a federal reserve and with the most resent shut down of the federal government it did not occur to me that this shut down would include website, and yet, I discovered, to my horror, it did.  So there go half of my references for my paper.  And my secondary topic is unusable as well since I had planned on writing about Haleakala.  So now I have to whip up a paper on Obon.  Unless my professor allows me to use .pdf brochures as references.

I think there will be drinking in my future after work...

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