Sunday, April 27, 2014


Life's been interesting.  I am now the proud owner of three jobs.  That's right folks, three.

Job #1 is overnight clerk at my local Walgreens.  It's really quite nice except that now on my days off I will apparently be up until 5 am or later, not actually a big issue except that I have no will power to accomplish things that I should take care of while I'm awake.

Jobs # 2 and 3 actually occupy the same slot because I'll probably only work them once a week and those jobs are Gamestop and the movie theater.  The theater has been my longest job as anyone who has read my blog can tell.  It was actually my first job and we have a love hate kind of relationship.  Gamestop I started recently but not quite as recently and Walgreens.

My other two jobs are going to be my videogames and miscellaneous wants jobs and Walgreens is my I-kinda-need-this-to-start-living-on-my-own job.

To most people it would like having three jobs would be harder than two.  But, honestly right now anyway, it makes my life easier.  I work four days for my main job and my secondary jobs are going to be once a week for four hours.  It gives me time to get back into crafting and spend time with people that I've been meaning to spend time with. 

This opinion is subject to change, of course.  My life, and anyone's in general, is not concrete.  Things will be good and then they will be bad and I'll make adjustments as they come along, I kind of have to.  I'm not all that much of a masochist.  Glutton for punishment perhaps but masochist no.

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