Thursday, April 21, 2011

Boys Are STUPID!!!!

Apparently it doesn't matter what species they are.  They are all freaking stupid!

I suppose an explanation might be appreciated.

I am the proud owner of 2 Betta...  Both male, because I like the pretty ones, and the only pretty ones are male...  And both attempted suicide.  Dante, my older red boy, jumped from my hand on to the kitchen counter while transporting him to a different bowl so I could clean his tank.  And while I scrambled to catch him he jumped from the kitchen counter and on to the floor.  The idiot managed to tear half his tail fin off.  It scared the hell out of me and I felt bad as I watched his blood drip in his temporary bowl.  This lead me to looking up possible infections for Betta while I waited for Dante's water to settle

As I put Dante's tank back on the shelf with my other Betta, Scion, blue and young; and the boys, a moon platy, guppy, and bottom feeder: Daddy-o, Laddy-o, and Spook (god bless Carlin), respectively.  I noticed that Scion's fins were crumpled.  Further research leads me to suspect a fungal infection.  I decided to steralize his tank tonight and as I took him out he too jumped onto the kitchen counter, luckily he did not land on the floor like Dante, and there were no ripped fins either.

Both boys have medication in their bowls now, so hopefully there will not be a toilet in their future...

Granted that toilet did have a Lazarus like effect on Riku one of my other fish...

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  1. Last sentence now begs new post. TELL ME THE STORY