Friday, April 22, 2011

Magical Toilet

Kana asked about the Lazarus effect of the toilet on one of my previous fish, so I am humoring her, since she is one of two people who read this blog.

The fish in question was another moon platy named Riku, I got him at the same time I got Scion.  I got them after owning Dante for about a year or so.  I originally put Riku in the tank with Scion.  He wasn't going in with Dante because Dante can be a bit of a bully.  But Scion started picking on Riku as well so Riku got his own tank.  We got him 2 more friend, Daddy-o, formerly known as Sora (yes that was my yaoi obsession) and Auron, another guppy sadly deceased.

I came home to discover Auron doing the backstroke and Sora swimming about.  Riku was nowhere to be seen.  I flushed Auron and proceeded to search my desk area for Riku.  I found him.  Dried out on an old credit card statement.  I sighed and pick up the credit card statement and went to the restroom.  I gently pushed Riku off and was just about to flush the toilet when the bugger started swimming!

I scooped him out of the toilet and rushed him into clean water.  He died about a week later.  I was amazed he survived that long.

Fish are fascinating creatures, and again boys are stupid...


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  2. He he he! Man, they are so testosterone-laden they'll kill themselves if there's no other candidates! Ahh, fish. Did you know sharks have such high testosterone levels that their bodies have to secrete incredibly strong appetite-suppressants to keep them from eating *ALL* of their young when they birth? Just limits it to you know, like, a few. That's too high an aggression level!